Our How To Book is #4 on Geek and Sundry Top 5 List!

Our How To book The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics is on a top 5 list of books every aspiring creator should read on one of our favorite sites Geek and Sundry! Seriously guys, this is an incredible list! We're in the company of books like Understanding Comics and Will Eisner's Comic's and Sequential Art. We [...]

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Headed to Jafax this weekend!

It’s time for our (Comfort and Adam’s) local anime show Jafax here in Grand Rapids MI. We’re damned excited to be guests yet again and will be in the dealers room all weekend long. We’re also running two panels... Drawing Diversity: Friday @ 6:30 PM How To Make Comics and Not Suck: Saturday @ 12:00 [...]

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Changing Up Your Setting

After a while, any setting can grow stale, especially if most of your scenes take place in the same kind of place. Variety adds interest, and can make an ordinary scene stand out as something special. Try and think of different places in the region(s) of your comic. For instance, what kind of districts are [...]

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