The process of creating The Kitty Game was fun and new for all of us. None of us had done a webcomic before, and though we had all known each other for a long time, we’d never collaborated to this degree until now. So it was a different experience, but we set out to have as much fun making this comic as it would be to read. Making comics always starts with a script, and that was our department. We’d been concepting The Kitty Game for a few years, pulling together our plans and schemes, so we just had to take those plans and turn them into scripts. When the script was ready for illustration, we roughed in layouts for most of the pages to help Corinne see what we had in mind. She took those and ran with them, adding her own flourishes and making sure the art would be her own. She drew the full comic, and added lush watercolors to all the fantasy sequences. Then it came to Will and Travis to bring in digital colors for the “real world” segments, before sending the files back to us for lettering. The Kitty Game was a real team effort, and required all five of us working in synch to bring it all together in the end.

Kitty Game Cover Process

Quite possibly the cover is the most important part of any book and Kitty Game was no exception. The cover actually went through two whole revelations before we found the right look for it. The first iteration was fantastic, but ultimately the main star of the series, Marty the cat, was getting lost in all the awesomeness. Thus it was decided that we’d take a quick stab at the layout. It was action packed, but maybe a little too much. So it was up to Corinne to simplify and focus it into the amazing piece of final art it is today.