Obi-Wan: The Real Life Inspiration for Kitty Game!

We’d never have come up with the idea for The Kitty Game if we hadn’t been kitty-parents ourselves. Much of little Marty’s personality came from our cat, Obi-Wan. Born to Comfort’s parents’ cats, we adopted Obi in 2006. It had been a difficult year, but when he entered our lives… well, it got more difficult in some ways. He was a tiny tornado of energy and excitement! But we fell in love with our adventure-boy, learning how much play he needed to stay happy (and not wreck up the joint). We started imagining the rich inner-world he seemed to have, taking his personality and extrapolating all kinds of kitty dreams and ambitions. (which mostly amounted to more play.) So many of the events of this comic come from our lives with Obi, it just felt right to introduce him to you so you’d know where all this silliness started.