Kitty Game: Creative Team

Kitty Game is a story we’ve had bouncing around in our heads for years! Heavily inspired by the crazy adventures our cat Obi-Wan seemed to be having in his head, Kitty Game originally started off as an idea for a video game, but it was our friend and mentor, Bryan J.L. Glass that suggested we make it into a comic. Eventually we started talking to our good friend and fellow creator Corinne Roberts about being the artist on Kitty Game. Her style was cute, fun, with a never ending sense of adventure – perfect for the book. It may have been Corinne’s first panel to panel comic, but just like we knew she would, she crushed it!

We solidified our band of creators with the addition of Travis Perkins and Will Jones, two of our former flatters/students who had both grown into amazing colorists (and artists) in their own rights. The result of all this hard work and patience we feel is something truly fun and endearing. A delightful comic made by a damned amazing team. If you enjoy Kitty Game, please take a minute to check out the other creators work and become a fan.

Comfort and Adam: Writing, Page Layouts, Lettering

Comfort & Adam are the 7-time Harvey Award Nominated creative team behind The Uniques, Rainbow in the Dark, and The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics. In the rare moments they aren’t working on comics, they raise a sextet of kitties of their own – Kitty, Other Kitty, Obi-Wan, Anniekin, Oneus, and Quatre-Cat. Comfort has spent her whole life surrounded by cats, and was only too happy to drag Adam kicking and screaming into becoming a cat person himself. While he grew up with dogs, he’s come to believe, as she does, that the quality of the pet is entirely up to the quality of the human. They happen to think their cats are of the highest quality – which, in this context, seems like a pretty arrogant statement.

Corinne Roberts: Pencils, Watercolor Ilustration

Corinne Roberts has written and illustrated Imaginary Sea 1,2,3! and Out and About. Along with her books, she illustrated the card game, Unreal Estate. She also creates anime, sci-fi, and fantasy prints and cards. As a watercolorist, Corinne currently teaches at Kendall College of Art and Design’s Continuing Studies program and continues to teach numerous workshops and classes throughout West Michigan.

Visit Corinne’s Website

Travis Perkins and Will Jones: Digital Color

Travis Perkins is a freelance illustrator from Columbus, Ohio. He has worked on several comics including “Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things”, “Johnny Bats: Vampire Detective”, and “A Man Called Trope”. He has also provided covers to books like “Transmutations” and “The Adventures of Watts and Sherlock”.

Will Jones is a freelance comic book artist and illustrator residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He spends his days reading far too many comic books. He spends his nights in hiding, hovering over his drafting table making art.

Visit Travis’ Website • Visit Will’s Website


Editorial for Kitty Game consisted of many of our general editorial team, but it also included the feedback of a few more cat lovers to make sure we were really nailing the jokes and cat-isoms that a webcomic like Kitty Game required.

David Jablonski, Bryan and Judy Glass, Ian Levenstein, Kris Naudus, Chris Karath, and Jennifer Oslund