Rainbow in the Dark is a punk-rock urban fantasy about a world of color and a world of black and white that are at war over what gets to be reality – but the gray world has no idea this war is going on. Within that world lives a singular girl who feels like normalcy is a prison she can’t escape. Everything changes when a band of wide-eyed rebels explode from nowhere, blasting through the city streets with rainbow cannons and fire-spewing muscle cars. As she becomes swept up in their struggle, the one thing that has always eluded her finally enters her life – purpose.

Rainbow in the Dark is a fairy tale about freedom, truth, love, and what it means to be alive. It’s the story of a girl who never felt like she fit in who finds out the reason the world sometimes seems so wrong is because it is.

This tome is a labor of Love (and Withers), a testament and an example of how to stand out, being your true self in a world of sameness.


David Petersen, Mouse Guard

Holy smokes, these guys know how to tell a story that you don’t want to end.

You can really see the love in the art. Fun and energetic, like comics ought to be!


What are you struggling against? What’s the cause greater than your own needs and desires for which you would fight and possibly die? What is worth your last full measure of devotion? Oddly enough it’s a universal question that can’t be answered in the general, but only in the specific. Comfort and Adam take a giant, fun and colorful swing at answering those big questions in Rainbow in the Dark.


Bill Willingham, Fables
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