Wanted to know more about the characters of The Uniques? Well friend, you are in the prefect place to do so. The characters are split up by team to help you navigate:

Main Cast

The League of Seven


Other Characters


Wanted to know more about the characters of The Uniques? Well friend, you are in the prefect place to do so. The characters are split up by team to help you navigate:

Main Cast

The League of Seven


Other Characters


Main Cast

Code Name: Telepath

Real Name: Hope Sage

Height: 5’9” Weight: 165 lbs.

Born: January 1st 1979

Powers: Telepathy, telekinesis, elite martial artist

Hope Sage had her life thrown into chaos when the New York disaster struck. Every psion in the world died that day – including her parents, Mentor and Kinetic. She fell into a two-year coma, awakening in a world very different from the one she remembered. She and her best friend Motherboard founded a new team as a way of carrying on the legacy she bore. With grit and determination Telepath has risen beyond anyone’s expectations, bringing her team to a level of respect and recognition none of them thought possible. She carries the weight of a responsibility nobody should ask of a girl her age, and she does it with grace and maturity.

Code Name: Motherboard

Name: Nikki Carter

Height: 5’6” Weight: 215 lbs.

Born: February 3rd 1979

Powers: Typic

Nikki Carter is a typic – normal human being with no powers at all. Nikki’s parents were the engineering geniuses who provided tech and communications support for the League of Seven, so she grew up surrounded by super-heroes. Nikki developed into a genius-level child prodigy with several inventions under her belt by her teen years. Now, “Motherboard” has joined her best friend Telepath as the coordinator and den-mother to their new team.

Code Name: Scout

Name: Unknown

Height: 5’9” Weight: 145 lbs.

Born: Somewhere around 1981

Powers: Hyper-agility, lightning reflexes, perfect equilibrium and balance, expert martial artist, gadgeteer

When his parents died, Ghost took the preteen boy in and trained him as Scout. From that point, who he was was legally deceased – for all intents and purposes, the boy ceased to exist and only ‘Scout’ remained. Then came the day Telepath invited him into a new team she was forming. Joining the team gave him a social outlet for the first time in years. His dual responsibilities to his mentor and his team create a lot of stress for the young hero. Despite sometimes feeling torn in two, Scout intends to continue working with both Ghost and the new team for as long as he is able.

Code Name: Kid Quick

Name: Katelyne Flynn

Height: 5’3″ Weight: 110 lbs.

Born: June 21st 1981

Powers: Super-speed, hyper reflexes, enhanced durability

Katie Flynn is the only daughter of Speed and Celerity, and the latest in a legacy of speedsters that stretches back to Mercury in WWII. A hyper-excitable little bundle of energy, Kid Quick was in training with her hero parents for only a short time before her mother died in the New York Disaster. In the aftermath, she helped her father mourn and return to his life. With new confidence and maturity, Katie accepted Telepath’s invitation to join her team of teen heroes and hasn’t looked back since. Despite the constant risks and dangers of super-heroics, Kid Quick is having the time of her life with her new friends.

Code Name: Quake

Name: Jack

Height: 6’1 Weight: 175 lbs.

Born: March 25th 1977

Powers: Vibration control, manipulation of earth & rocks, expert pugilist

Little is known about Jack’s life before taking young Singe under his wing – not even his last name. Putting his past behind him, he took the name Quake and devoted himself to a life of staunch idealism. Fashioning himself as something of a modern Robin Hood, Quake is dedicated to fighting for the meek and the lost while raising a clenched fist at authority. He is a man who will not stand down or compromise on his principles, even if this often brings him into conflict with his teammates.

Code Name: Singe

Name: Jason Klyne

Height: 5’7″ Weight: 150 lbs.

Born: May 7th 1981

Powers: Control and project flames and heat

Not all Uniques are immune to their own powers when they first develop. When Jason Klyne manifested his ability to create and control fire, his hands were horribly burned. He was terrified of his own powers until Quake found him and taught him how to control them. Now a member of a fledgling team of teenaged heroes, Singe is a loud-mouthed spitfire who loves the things his unique gifts allow him to do. Wild, obnoxious, and totally unapologetic, Singe is quick to fight, slow to learn, and loves every crazy moment of it all.

Name: Michael Collins

Height: 6’3” Weight: 190 lbs.

Born: November 17th 1977

Powers: Winged flight, reactive immunity, marksman

When he was still a young boy, Michael Collins’ father suffered a mental breakdown brought on by his telepathic powers and took his entire family into seclusion in the Appalachian Mountains. When his father and sister died from the psychic shockwave after the New York Disaster, Michael left home for the first time to follow the footsteps of his grandfather, the Guardian Angel. Now having joined a fledgling team of young heroes like himself, he still struggles with social anxiety and shyness while trying to be as much a hero as his grandfather. Though difficult, he’s glad to be part of something he feels is important.

The League of Seven I

Members: Virtue, The Ambassador, Mercury, Aqua Marine, Template, Guardian Angel, Sunny

In the wake of World War II, several of the heroes from the Taskforce wanted to continue the work they’d begun but without being under governmental control. Eventually, several of those men and women formed a new team – The League of Seven – in an effort to represent a wider global community without being beholden to any particular nation or the politics of the day. Because of the popularity of their founders, they were able to succeed without government support, and even survived the paranoia and prejudices of the mid-20th century. Always more of an informal gathering of like-minded friends, the League of Seven gathered only when threats arose large enough to need the collective powers of the world’s greatest heroes.

The League of Seven II

Members: Mentor, Kinetic, Virtue, Speed, Celerity, The Ambassador, Centurion

In the late 70’s, after having been disbanded for nearly a decade, Speed and Celerity brought together a new League of Seven for those turbulent times. Whereas the original team only came together occasionally to combat specific threats, this new League quickly became a close family unit, with many members living near each other and raising families together. Their tight bond was tested by raging conflicts with Current and the near eruption of World War III. But the League prevailed, until the New York Disaster claimed the lives of nearly all of its members, leaving Speed and Virtue to go their separate ways.

Code Names: Mentor and Kinetic

Names: John and Sue Sage

Height: 6’ and 5’7” Weight: 180 lbs. and 145 lbs.

Born: February 19th 1954 and June 15th 1953

John Sage came from a missionary family. He hid his Psionic powers from everyone – including his parents. He first met Sue Joyner in his dreams when he was a teenager. Neither thought the other was real until he met her by chance when his father toured an asylum for “difficult” uniques. Using his powers in public for the first time, he helped her escape the barbarous institution, and they ran away together. Taking the names Mentor and Kinetic, they forsook their past lives to eventually become leading figures in the civil rights movement. They married and saw the signing of unique rights legislation, the end of the cold war, co-lead the League of Seven, and raised two beautiful girls before their untimely death during the New York Disaster of 1994.

Code Name: Speed

Name: Robert Flynn

Height: 5’11” Weight: 170 lbs.

Born: May 11th 1962

Speed grew up in the fields of Iowa, but dreamed of becoming a hero like his idol, Mercury. At 15, he ran away to New York City and convinced the older speedster to train him. In the process, he fell in love with Mercury’s daughter, Celerity. Bobby and Eva grew up to become two of the most respected heroes of their generation, helping re-form the League of Seven for a new age – even serving as team leaders for a time. When Celerity perished in the New York Disaster, Speed fell into a deep depression. Only through the help of his daughter, Kid Quick, was he able to recover and return to helping the world again. As one of the few veteran heroes of his power level remaining, Speed works hard to do all he can for those who need him, but not a day goes by he doesn’t feel the absence of his wife and partner, Celerity.

Code Name: Celerity

Names: Eva Flynn

Height: 5’4” Weight: 120 lbs.

Born: July 28th 1962

Celerity was the daughter and sidekick of the Golden Age hero Mercury and worked with him to protect New York City. Her life was upended when Speed came seeking apprenticeship under Mercury. At first frustrated by the disruption, she ultimately found his deep and abiding crush on her adorably endearing. The teens fell in love and began a partnership that would last the rest of her life. Celerity’s bombast and lightning wit was balanced by Speed’s quiet, sweet demeanor. The pair married young, re-founded the League of Seven, raised a daughter (Kid Quick) who was their sidekick just as Celerity had been to her own father. The League of Seven was instrumental in ending the Cold War and preventing World War 3, but just a year later came the New York Disaster. Celerity saved nearly 200 people she personally carried from the city at super-speed before the bombs could engulf them all. She died of advanced radiation poisoning and exhaustion, leaving behind a legacy of heroism epitomized by her willingness to push herself past all limits to save the lives of others.

Code Name: Virtue

Name: James “Jim” Gavin

Height: 6’4” Weight: 260 lbs.

Born: May 22nd, 1918

Virtue was the first reported unique in existence. Exploding into the headlines, his arrival changed the world forever. He fought with the Taskforce during World War II, but grew disillusioned after taking part in the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, claiming his leaders misled him. After the war, he co-founded the League of Seven as a way of helping mankind across the globe without having to answer to any one government or bowing to political pressure. His blue-collar upbringing left him with a deep and unshakable moral center that has helped make him an inspiration to people everywhere.

Code Name: Centurion

Name: Arran Armour

Height: 6’0” Weight: 190 lbs.

Born: February 21st 1959

Heir to the Armour Defense corporate empire, Arran was an engineering prodigy. As a young man, he designed and built a suit of powered armor and took to the skies as the Scottish hero, Centurion. His genius and ambition brought him onto the world stage where he joined the League of Seven, but it was his long-standing friendly rivalry with the American armored hero, Dreadnaught, that provided the most fuel for his creative fire. The two men were quite different – Dreadnaught being more cynical and pessimistic compared with Centurion’s contagious optimism and humor – but their deep friendship pushed both to invent the technology that would help define a generation. Centurion passed away during the New York Disaster, but left an enduring legacy; his last will established the United Nations Centurion Corps, granting exclusive rights to his armor designs to the UN and providing specialized suits for each nation on the Security Council. He had always believed in the power of diplomacy and the need for strong ties among the international community; now it would be in their hands to determine the best use for the defensive technology he spent a lifetime perfecting.

Code Name: US Centurion

Name: Darrius Jones

Height: 6’3” Weight: 200 lbs.

Born: March 22nd 1970

Darrius Jones was a third-generation airman in the U.S. Air Force; a fighter captain and ace jet pilot. When the death of the original Centurion led to the formation of the United Nations Centurion Corps, Darrius won the opportunity to be the U.S. representative. As one of the first Centurion Corpsmen, Darrius not only had to quickly adapt to piloting a suit of power armor, but also help chart the course for what the UNCC would be in the post-Cold War era. His quick-thinking, bold courage and relentless determination has made Darius one of its most decorated members.

Code Name: The Ambassador

Name: Azar Pahlavi

Height: 5’6” Weight: 145lbs

Born: June 3rd, 1918

The Iranian heroine known as the Ambassador has the distinction of not only being the first recorded female unique, but the second unique ever recorded. In her long life, she has gone through many stages – from a devout Islamist to a super-heroic radical. Ultimately, she has become the most powerful voice for women’s rights and the rights of the poor the world over. The former member of the League of Seven works tirelessly in the Middle East as a voice for change, and has been an instrumental figure in her home country becoming a beacon of progressivism in the region.

Names: Janet and Ronald Carter

Height: 5’10”, 5’7” Weight: 210 lbs, 230 lbs.

Born: September 6th, 1952, March 30th, 1951

Jan and Ron Carter were both technically inclined from young ages. They met at a special school for intellectually gifted children where they sparked a rivalry that took many years to turn into a romance. They were swept up in the tech boom of the ‘50s, taking advantage of the new developments made possible by the alien crash site discovery of 1941. Their first child, Bill, was born when they were still teenagers and still unsure what their future would hold. It would be several more years before they would be wed, during which time their expertise in the fields of engineering and computer science got them a job with the US government working with the Taskforce. But they chafed in government work, and when the League of Seven was re-formed in the late ‘70s, they left the Taskforce and joined the new team. Now truly inseparable, Jan and Ron became the brains of the team, designing their tech and coordinating missions from their command hub until that team perished in the New York Disaster. Now parents of three, the Carters are finally comfortable settling into the quiet domestic life they had avoided for so long. They’ve found happiness in their family and their private careers, valuing what they have all the more for what was lost in New York.

Code Name: Ghost (Golden Age)

Name: Wesley

Height: 6’ Weight: 175lbs

Born: February 29th, 1928

The Ghost was a boy genius who used his impossibly brilliant mind to become a code-breaker and tactician for the U.S. military in World War II while only 13 years old. By 14, he was the coordinator and strategist for the Taskforce, the world’s first super-hero team. In the years following the war, he felt that the growing uniques population posed a danger that only he could defend against. Taking to the shadows, he became a vigilante hero that fought alongside the League of Seven until his paranoia drove even his friends to leave him. Putting them out of mind, he continued his eternal vigil in the darkness on his own.


Code Name: Ghost (Modern Age)

Name: Unknown

Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown

Born: Unknown

The Ghost is a myth most people have forgotten – the only ones who remember and believe are those who have reason to be afraid. The Ghost wages a shadow war against the wealthy and powerful who use their dominance over the world for their own evil ends. Once a member of the League of Seven, Ghost left the team in the ‘60s. It was believed that he died, but years later rumors began – the Ghost had returned. Serving briefly again with the League of Seven (this time as the secret eighth member), it wasn’t long before their strong differences of opinion led to Ghost breaking away and returning to the shadows. With only Scout, faithful sidekick and pupil, Ghost is the silent terror stalking the halls of power.

Code Name: Mercury

Name: Samuel Weir

Height: 5’11” Weight: 185 lbs.

Born: September 27th, 1921

Bio: By age 13, Brooklyn-born Sam Weir knew he was different from others. He worked hard to hide the fact that he possessed superhuman speed, afraid of his own powers. But when America joined the Allies in World War II, he put his fear aside and entered the Army. He became a member of the Taskforce, the first super-team of uniques. After the war, he co-founded the League of Seven and over time became an elder statesman of the superheroic community. He had a daughter, Eva, who became his sidekick under the name Celerity. He lived to see her marry another hero (Speed) and the birth of his granddaughter Katie. When Sam was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he kept it secret and decided to choose his own end. In 1988, saving the lives of many, Mercury died a hero. And he smiled as his long, happy life passed before his eyes, overjoyed that he could still remember.

Code Name: Guardian Angel

Name: Lucas Collins

Height: 6’2” Weight: 215 lbs.

Born: March 5th, 1920

Bio: The Guardian Angel was born Lucas Collins, a poor boy raised by a priest in a lonely church on an Irish cliffside. Hiding his angelic wings from the world, he refused to stay quiet when the Axis began their campaign of war in Europe. Joining the war effort, he was given the call-sign Guardian Angel and made part of the Taskforce. After the war, he was one of the founding members of the League of Seven. After he retired from active duty, his son briefly took up his mantle, and eventually his grandson Michael would do the same. Devoutly religious and a dedicated family man, the Guardian Angel was a beacon of hope even after retirement and long after his death.

Taskforce I

Members: Virtue, The Ambassador, Mercury, Aqua Marine, Template, Guardian Angel, Sunny

In the wake of World War II, several of the heroes from the Taskforce wanted to continue the work they’d begun but without being under governmental control. The League of Seven was founded to be a group that represented a global community and was not beholden to politics of the day. Because of the popularity of their founders, they were able to succeed without government support, and even survived the paranoia and prejudices of the mid-20th century. Whenever a threat large enough to need them arises, the League of Seven returns again to hold the line.

Taskforce II

Members: Countryman, Agent 1, Dreadnaught, Archer, Manifest Destiny, Monument, Faith, Paul Revere

After WWII, the U.S. government adopted the Taskforce unit into their military with Countryman at its head. Over the years the membership of the Taskforce has changed, but their mission has remained the same: safeguard the homeland, protect American interests abroad, and defend the people of America. They have also served to improve the image of America, often deployed for disaster relief and other humanitarian efforts worldwide. Still, rumors and accusations of the Taskforce’s involvement in bush wars and suppression in the third world on behalf of American corporate interests persist. The team has been used in past operations that are today considered mistakes both philosophically and morally. In many ways, the team is like any other military unit – only as altruistic as its orders allow, and yet at its core dedicated to the defense of its country and its people regardless of the personal cost.

Code Name: Countryman I

Name: Richard Wright

Height: 6’3” Weight: 220 lbs.

Born: December 30th, 1916

Dick Wright was an astounding pro baseball player in the 1930’s, considered one of the best to play the game and a home-run king on par with Ruth, Gehrig, and Foxx. Then, America went to war in Europe and the patriotic Wright joined the Army. It was there that it was discovered that his athletic prowess was actually super-human – he was a unique. Assigned as leader of the newly created Taskforce and became one of the greatest heroes of WWII. Returning home, he led a new Taskforce for the U.S. government. Wright is the only unique to ever have his powers artificially recreated; the “Countryman Project” led to the creation of his sidekick, the Young American. After a life of service and duty, Richard Wright died in Vietnam in 1970 and was succeeded by his protégé.

Code Name: Countryman II

Name: Paul Heart

Height: 6’2” Weight: 210 lbs.

Born: October 13th, 1947

The first successful product of the Countryman Project, Heart was the only one of thousands of young candidates able to receive all of Countryman’s powers. He was dubbed the Young American and became Countryman’s sidekick. When his mentor fell in the line of duty, Heart became the second Countryman. In contrast to his predecessor, Paul was a more progressive-minded hero. He was a symbol of the changing times of the late 1960’s and considered himself a warrior of peace, insisting the terms weren’t contradictory. Paul died in the New York Disaster of 1994 fighting by the side of his former enemy turned ally, the Comrade. Paul was succeeded by Shawn Redman, the second Young American.

Code Name: Countryman III

Name: Shawn Redman

Height: 6’ 2” Weight: 200 lbs.

Born: July 1st, 1969

Chosen as a young boy to enter the Countryman Program, only Shawn Redman out of tens of thousands of possible candidates showed the particular physical, mental, and raw genetic acumen to endure the serum that would turn him from typic boy to unique hero. Shawn served first as the Young American, sidekick and apprentice to the second Countryman (Paul Heart), later taking the mantle of Countryman for himself when his mentor died in the New York Disaster of 1994. A life of rigorous training and service in the field have tested and tried this Countryman, and he has come out the other side both immensely capable and humble. The most important legacy in American superheroics rests on his shoulders, and nobody feels this weight more deeply than he does.

Code Name: Liberty

Name: Danielle Rousseau

Height: 6’ Weight: 170lbs

Born: November 7th, 1920

Le Belle Liberte was a fighter with the French Resistance in World War II before joining the Taskforce and being rechristened Liberty. A typic, she had no powers – but due to her gender, it was assumed that her uncanny marksmanship and physical prowess must have been the result of unique abilities. Remaining with the American Taskforce after the war, her genetics produced the first successful clone in history. Liberty served out the rest of her career with the Taskforce, and generations of her clones have served as Agent 1 of CALIBRE ever since.

Code Name: Agent 1

Name: One

Height: 6’ 3” Weight: 180 lbs.

Created: June 8th, 1960

The first Agent 1 was a member of the French Resistance and then the Taskforce during WWII, and acted under the codename La Belle Liberte or simply Liberty. At the end of the war, she chose to serve with the Taskforce in America. When CALIBRE was formed, she was named its director and given the title Agent 1. She was chosen as the subject of the first successful cloning experiments, resulting in a perfect replica of her genetic matrix. This clone was a duplicate of the original, yet was perfected in every way. The new Agent 1 has no name but ‘One’ and has been entirely raised by government scientists and CALIBRE soldiers to be the ultimate combatant. Taking her place as the leader of the CALIBRE, Agent 1 is in many ways the literal child of her country. Her allegiance and devotion to the betterment of America at any cost makes her a cold but respected member of the Taskforce.

Code Name: Dreadnaught

Name: William Richmond

Height: 5’ 9” Weight: 194 lbs.

Born: January 17th, 1957

William Richmond was a child prodigy with unmatched mechanical brilliance. After college he entered the military and went to work designing new technological wonders for the armed forces. When he discovered a buried file containing the failed Dreadnaught Project of the 60’s, he resurrected the plans for the powerful manned battlesuit. It became his driving passion, and when it was at last completed he became its pilot. As Dreadnaught, he joined the Taskforce in 1978, just in time for the coming escalation of the Cold War. Over the years he was instrumental not just in the field piloting his behemoth of a mechanized war-suit, but also in the R&D labs refining and enhancing the tech behind the Taskforce. At heart, though, he is a devoted family man and patriot to whom nothing matters more than his wife and the security of the American people.

Code Name: Paul Revere

Name: Thomas Hall

Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 165 lbs.

Born: September 12th, 1969

The first Paul Revere was a member of the new Taskforce formed by the U.S. government after WWII, and the Revere legacy is one of the oldest on the team (next to Countryman and Agent 1). The third and current Revere is Thomas Hall, a young man who trained with the golden age hero Mercury and his daughter and son-in-law Celerity and Speed. Mercury had been on the first Taskforce during the Great War and his stories inspired young Hall such that when the offer came to join the current Taskforce he leapt at the opportunity. Paul Revere is a witty and irreverent young man, but his time with the Taskforce has hardened him somewhat. Though he kept his sense of humor, he also carries the weight of the things they have had to do in the name of his country.

Code Name: Archer

Name: Cain Walker

Height: 6’ Weight: 173 lbs.

Born: September 25th, 1961

Cain Walker was a gold medalist in the ’76 Olympic Games archery competition, but when he later learned he was a unique and that his powers included hand-eye coordination and the ability to reflexively calculate ballistic trajectories, his medal was stripped from him. He joined the military and found his gifts made him an exceptional marksman, eventually becoming a decorated sniper. When the second Archer (Mark Jackson) fell in the line of duty, the Taskforce offered the position to Walker. A military veteran, Archer often feels too old to be running alongside some of the much younger members of Taskforce, particularly after the current Countryman took over as the leader. He is most comfortable with Dreadnaught and Agent 1 who he sees as contemporaries and fellow “old soldiers.”

Code Name: Faith

Name: Joy Adams

Height: 5’ 7” Weight: 130 lbs.

Born: March 30th, 1972

Joy Adams is the descendant of Agnes Adams and her sister Judith, both of whom were burned as witches in the late 1600’s. This past has shaped her life. Her mother died giving birth to Joy and her fraternal twin sister, Felicity. They grew up in a very wealthy lifestyle, but on the day their powers manifested they lost everything. The girls suddenly burst forth with waves of powerful energy that set fire to the house and ultimately killed everyone within it. Only Joy survived. She became a devout evangelical after her father and sister’s deaths, and believes God saved her from that fire for a reason. Through her work with Taskforce, using her role as Faith to spread the gospel far and wide, she is sure she will find the true reason the Lord spared her on that fateful day.

Code Name: Monument

Name: Randy Campbell

Height/Weight: Variable

Born: November 16th, 1971

A troubled youth, Randy Campbell was sent to military school as a way of curbing his delinquent tendencies. There he discovered his powers and was fast-tracked into full  military service. He served as a commando for two years before the unique known as Monument was injured in the line of duty. Sidelined at a crucial moment in the escalation of the Cold War, the U.S. government chose not to wait for Monument to heal and return to service, but instead chose Campbell to replace him. Campbell has been Monument ever since, and while he perhaps enjoys flexing his strength and using his powers against others a little too much, he is a loyal and dependable member of the Taskforce.

Code Name: Manifest Destiny

Name: None

Height: 6’ 2” Weight: Variable

Created: April 8th, 1982 (MD mk.VII created March 26th, 1990)

Developed in the early 1980’s, Manifest Destiny represented the culmination of decades of work with bleeding edge science and technology. A fully automated and aware cybernetic organism, Manifest Destiny was a scientific miracle. Having been designed for inclusion in the Taskforce, the android served as both a powerful combatant and as a symbol to the rest of the world of our superiority over the hated Soviets. Over the years the android has undergone several upgrades and new versions (the most current being Manifest Destiny mark VII) and he is now at his greatest level of power yet. But for all of his amazing abilities, Manifest Destiny remains a cold, inhuman machine deep in his synthetic heart.


Code Name: Annihilgator

Name: Specimen #136

Height: 10’2” Weight: 965 lbs.

Created: August 30th, 1965

The creature known as the Annihilgator was created during the 1960’s as part of a U.S. program known as Project Eden. One of several human/animal hybrids, he served with the military unit “The Animen” throughout the Vietnam conflict under the name Navi-Gator. The atrocities of war caused him serious psychological damage, and he went AWOL. He eventually resurfaced as a maddened would-be conqueror, seeming to have lost his mind completely. He was eventually captured and held in Ironside Federal Prison until his escape in 1996.

Code Name: Current

Name: Christopher Kannes

Height: 6’ 1” Weight: 206 lbs.

Born: July 4th 1952

Current has been both a beloved hero and hated villain. Early on, he was a vocal leader of the uniques rights movement alongside his close friends Mentor and Kinetic. But as the movement went on, he grew more militant and unstable until he finally broke and formed a splinter group demanding freedom and equality for uniques at any price. As the years went on, Current became little more than a terrorist waging guerrilla warfare against any government that opposed him. Eventually he and the rest of the world struck a peace treaty and Current founded a small nation where all uniques could live in peace called Haven. Ultimately, Current was responsible for the New York Disaster and was hunted down and killed for his crimes.

The Goth Girls

Members: Covet, Siphon, Rage, Shriek, Idle, Venus

The Goth Girls met as troubled youths in the Pryde Foundation’s Home for Wayward Uniques. Jaqueline Pryde herself brought them together, molding them for her own purposes. She planted the seeds that matured them into rebellious aspiring super-criminals. Their goal: undermine the system and show the world for what it is – chaos. It would begin with a war against the Teen Force 3, the symbol of everything they hated. But the globe-trotting TF3 never acknowledged their existence. So they would have to do something to make them pay attention. But kidnapping the New Guard to use them as bait only led to their downfall and their arrest. Though there was insufficient evidence to convict them, the Goth Girls lost the support of Jacqueline Pryde and would now have to struggle on their own in a very difficult world.

Other Characters

Name: Conscience Sage

Height: Variable

Weight: Variable

Born: December 3rd 1981

When the heroic shapeshifter Template fell in the line of duty, his infant daughter Conscience was adopted by friends John and Susan Sage. Though she developed shape-shifting powers, Connie never wanted the life of a costumed hero. When her adoptive parents passed away, Motherboard’s parents became her guardians. She later moved to L.A. with Bill Carter to pursue her dream of acting. While still learning to be a better actress, her powers and training have helped her become an in-demand stunt-girl. She currently lives in the Los Angeles suburbs and visits her sister in Madison City when she can find time.

Name: Bill Carter

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 195 lbs.

Born: March 20th 1970

Bill was born to the Carters when they were still teenagers. Though they hadn’t intended to start a family, their opinion of parenthood swiftly changed. Little Billy was a smart, charming, happy child who was easy to love. Extremely intelligent from an early age, he never took to his parents’ technological pursuits – Bill was always more interested in social interaction. He is exceptional at working with people, understanding them, and finding a way to give them what they need. As a teenager, he and Shawn Redman would babysit the youngest children of the League of Seven, though Bill never showed any interest in heroics himself. He currently works as a contract lawyer in Hollywood and serves as a guardian to Conscience Sage.

Name: Kyle Carter

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 155 lbs.

Born: November 12th 1981

Kyle often feels like the outcast of the Carter family. His parents and older sister, Nikki, are technological super-geniuses, and his older brother Bill is a gifted lawyer. All of them graduated early, and his sister held multiple patents by the time she was his age. Though Kyle is certainly extremely bright for his years, he considers himself utterly normal and plain in every way. Seeking ways to distinguish himself amongst his brilliant family, Kyle hasn’t yet found his direction in life.

Name: Jacqueline Pryde

Height: 5’8” Weight: 135lbs

Born: November 11th 1950

Wealthy socialite Jacqueline Pryde was powerless to help her only daughter Rachael as she died from a new, incurable illness. Jacqueline dedicated her life to finding a cure for “Rachael’s Disease.” The Pryde Foundation has grown exponentially since its creation in 1989, and has branched out beyond funding grants into running institutions of its own, most prominently including several Jacqueline Pryde Homes for Wayward Uniques. In one of these homes, a group of young teens met and would later go on to become the villainous Goth Girls. Jacqueline’s stated life goal is the protection and education of vulnerable children worldwide, typic and unique alike. Her allies find her bold, caring, and determined – her enemies find her more than willing to hand out harsh lessons in what happens to those who stand in her way.

Teen Force 3

Members: Shardzz (Chris Williams), Gravity Girl (Mandi Lee), and Energyze (Robbie Mason)

Height: 5’10”, 5’5”, 5’11” Weight: 165 lbs., 125 lbs., 165 lbs.

Born: November 3rd 1978, December 24th 1979, February 9th 1978

John ‘the Colonel’ Pierce, the teleportation-travel mogul, recognized that after the New York Disaster there was need of something to end the depression hanging over the entire country. With a so many of the world’s most beloved heroes lost, he would provide them with fresh, young faces full of hope for the future. He created the Teen Force 3 (TF3). These three young heroes took the country by storm, and the Colonel became a multi-millionaire within a year by selling their image. The TF3 are a legitimate worldwide phenomenon, their acts of heroic daring only matched by the power of their merchandising and marketing department.