We’re coming to a con near you!

We’re guests anywhere between 12-20 cons a year, below are the dates for the shows we’re scheduled for in 2017. Not at a show near you? Feel free to request us as a guest or contact us here!

Alma Con

Alma, MI • January 27-29

Emerald City Comic Con

Seattle, WA • March 2-5


Chicago, IL • April 21-23

Anime Central 

Chicago, IL • May 19-21

Cherry Capital Comic Con

Traverse City, MI • May 26-28


Grand Rapids, MI • June 16-18

Dragon Con

Atlanta, GA • September 1-4

New York Comic Con

New York, NY • October 5-8

Grand Rapids Comic Con

Grand Rapids, MI • October 20-22


Detroit, MI • November 2-5