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It was our goal to make The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics an epic how-to book that would teach you everything you needed to make your comic, manga or webcomic into a reality! Clocking in at 240 pages of content it features seven essential subjects and has sidebars from 72 from some of the biggest creators in the industry today. This book was a labor of love that we highly recommend to anyone wanting to bring their stories into this world and into the hands of a fan that will love it the way you loved the stories that inspired you.

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Comfort and Adam’s Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics should be required reading for anyone contemplating self-publishing. At the very least, this book should be strongly recommended reading for understanding the mechanics of comics from inception to hand.

Michele Brittany, Bleeding Cool

Comfort and Adam have created a step-by-step guide filled with pro-level suggestions and helpful hints. If you are cooking up a self-published comic, you found the right recipe book. Bon appétit!

With advancements in technology,  social media and the rising popularity of comics as a medium, the authors walk you through taking control of your destiny as a comic book creator.

Emil Favila, Comics Online

There are very few that cover ALL aspects of comic creation in one volume, and almost none that do so with genuine useful advice and tips that will ultimately help you make the jump from dreamer to professional.

Amazon Comments, Amazon

Seven Essential Subjects

So many how-to books just walk you though drawing a figure, or what to think about when writing a script. But for us, we wanted to dig deep and go all in covering in detail the most essential actions, ideas, and concepts that go into making comics, manga, and webcomics.

Sidebars From Some of the Biggest Names in the Industry

The Complete Guide features 72 sidebars on 72 subjects and ideas from some of the smartest people in comics, American manga, and webcomics.

Sidebar Contributors (in order of appearance): Andrew E.C. Gaska, Dirk Tiede, Michael Avon Oeming, Bill Willingham, Terry Moore, Aaron Diaz, Jeffrey Cruz, Yale Stewart, Mark Waid, Danielle Corsetto, Scott Kurtz, Jon Lock, Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges, Tom Pinchuk, Thom Zahler, Jennie Breeden, Jane Irwin, Freddie E. Williams III, Dave Wachter, Mark Morales, Skottie Young, Frank Cho, Drak Tsui, Gene Ha, Adam Warren, Amanda Conner, Svetlana Chmakova, Jerry Gaylord, Jeremy Dale, Terry and Rachel Dodson, David Petersen, Taki Soma, Jill Thompson, Laura Martin, Takeshi Miyazawa, Cari Corene, Bryan J.L. Glass, Del Borovic, Steve Downer, Jon Alderink, Chris Sims, Jeremy Bastian, Jamal Igle, Nate Piekos, Simon Bowland, Joel Enos, Paul Sizer, Jimmy Palmiotti, Nina Matsumoto, Barry Gregory, Brian Miller, Jeremy Treece, Nelson DeCastro, Mike Norton, Sina Grace, Steve Geppi, Cameron and Christina Merkler, Ed Chavez, Chandra Free, Lora Innes, Steve Sunu, John Siuntres, Kelly Dale, Mike Maihack, Tina Pratt, Robert Porter, Sean E. Williams, Penelope Rivera Gaylord, Jim Demonakos, Morgan Kollin, and Katie Cook

Additional Artwork Contributions (in order of appearance): The Dreamer (Lora Innes), Mice Templar (Bryan J.L. Glass and Michael Avon Oeming), Paradigm Shift (Dirk Tiede), Dresden Codak (Aaron Diaz), Guns of Shadow Valley (Dave Wachter and Jim Clark), Random Veus (Jeffery ‘Chamba’ Cruz and Leonard Bermingham), Mouse Guard (David Petersen), The Victories (Michael Avon Oeming), Delve into Fantasy (Del Borovic), Molly Danger (Jamal Igle), The God Machine (Chandra Free), Skyward (Jeremy Dale), Critical Millennium (Andrew E.C. Gaska), Gronk (Katie Cook)

Cover Art Contributors: Del Borovic, and Corinne Roberts

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics
Tutorials and Speed Drawings by Comfort and Adam
Big Ideas Podcast and Videos by Comfort and Adam
Big Ideas Podcast and Videos by Comfort and Adam