Hey again, gang! Time for another Mega Man design, continuing with the Evil Robot Masters from Mega Man 1. Today, we have Guts Man!

Mega Man Redesign Guts Man

The Classic Guts Man

I’ll be honest: Guts Man was one of the characters I was most looking forward to taking on. This was a real chance to shake up the visual style and presentation of these characters in a fun, interesting way. See, technology limitations on classic NES games meant you didn’t see as much variety in enemy design. Take a look at the MM1 bosses lined up:

Mega Man 1 Boss Sprites

Except Ice Man, they all have the same basic color palette, they’re mostly the same general size, and their designs are broadly quite similar. For my redesigns, I already had the 3 guiding principles (robots Wily uses that were built by Dr. Light should be able to work as heroes as well as villains, bots built by Dr. Light should share similar design aesthetics, and the MM 1 bosses should be increasingly advanced in design in order of creation) and with Guts Man I added one more: They should have distinctive forms! Each boss fight should feel special and unique.

So, looking at Guts Man, I started with his function: super-strong construction bot. He was built for building things, and is incredibly strong. I decided he should be huge! I added some actual construction gear into his build, and designed feet that could plant down and lock into the ground to counter-balance his body when acting as a crane or lift. He’s got hydraulics all over, larger utility lights, exhaust pipes, big, blocky shapes everywhere, and construction imagery throughout. I even designed his head so he still has the classic, distinctive shape, but it’s made using a construction helmet and bulldozer scoop.

Mega Man Redesign Guts Man

With his size, he’s clearly intimidating. Just lifting and hurling rocks and debris would be a lot more frightening with this guy! But at the same time, look at his face – can’t you imagine him also being a big softy? I hear the Iron Giant’s voice when I look at him. It makes me sad that Dr. Wily corrupts his programming to turn him evil.

Mega Man Strong Arm

For Mega Man’s Super Arm weapon, I decided that I was willing to really shift his design when activating the powers of defeated bosses. Traditionally, he just changes colors and can shoot different kinds of projectiles – but all the Super Arm does is lift stuff! So it had to look a lot cooler to put it on par with all the awesome visual effects the other weapons create. In my design, his whole body shifts shape, nanobots reassembling themselves in a way that allows him to lift and throw objects well beyond his frame’s normal ability. I think it would make you want to use the Super Arm a lot more often if it looked like this, and you’d feel a lot more badass when you did.

Mega Man Redesign Guts Man

So that wraps up Guts Man, one of my favorite designs of this whole project. Next Tuesday, I’m moving on with pretty much the exact opposite of everything Guts Man is when I take on Ice Man.

See you then!