Yes, this is our website and these are indeed our books. But, even the books where we did the vast majority of the work – we were not alone. No man (or husband and wife duo in this case) is an island. These stories, information, and art wouldn’t be as good, or in some cases, even possible without the help of all these amazing people. Some who’ve put in just a few hours, and some who’ve truly dedicated themselves to any given project. Below are the credit breakdowns for each one of our books – along with descriptions of the work done on all different series, what each different job is, and why it was/is important.

Comfort and Adam: Creators, Writers, Drawing, Color, Lettering, Publishers

For each series we both do the concept, writing, drawing, coloring, lettering, and publishing (all with the exception of the Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics – that was Random House). At an average of 34+ pages per issue, bringing these stories and concepts to life has been no small task. Our work schedules range from 12-20 hours a day seven days a week depending on how close we are to a deadline.

On top of the work we do we’ve got a small army of people working on things liked editing scripts, doing flats (color separations), and we’ve even got two interns a semester that work with us every Friday afternoon. Making comics is a monumental task and we are unbelievably lucky to have the help and dedication of these amazing people listed below…


Whenever a script is finished, it gets sent off to our editors. We’ve had several editors over the years reading our scripts, each of them bringing different thoughts, ideas, and experiences to the table. We needed that diversity of voices to make our comics what they are. Without them, we’d be a two-person echo chamber. Our editors push us to be better creators, period.

The Uniques: David Jablonski, Kris Naudus, Ian Levenstein, Chris Karath, Will Jones

Rainbow in the Dark: Kris Naudus, Ian Levenstein, Dave Jablonski, Teshika Silver, Corinne Roberts, and Stephen and Kathi Love

Additional Proofing: Dave and Angela Williams

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics: Patrick Barb and Jenny Wapner (Primary Oversight). Our editorial team consisted of Ian Levenstein, Kris Naudus, Kathi and Stephen Love, Dave Jablonski, Chris Karath, and Jennifer Oslund.

Background Color Assists

Generally toned color is our job, but there are times where we’re so swamped we need to call in help. And in those times we call in our former Fightin’ Flatsman MVP Travis Perkins and Jason Winter to help us out. On the pages they worked on, we would do the lighting, foreground tone, and effects. Once all that was done we’d send them over the page and they’d do the background tone. Two great guys, consummate professionals through and through!

The Uniques: Travis Perkins and Jason Winter (Issue 2 Extended Director’s Cut)

Rainbow in the Dark:  Travis Perkins (Issue 9 pages 1, 4, 23, 24, and 33)


Our interns do any number of jobs as each set of two train with us every Friday of the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Most interns spend their time getting coffee, but ours work on comics! …and commissions, and come to conventions, and learn about general business stuff. It’s important to us that each intern comes out of their experience with us with strong grasp of what it’s like to work in comics. And in turn, they give us their hard work and devotion for six awesome hours a week.

Lindsay Poulos (Summer 2016), Dakota Lee, and Megan Wernimont (Fall 2016), Andrew Zesiger and Ashley ‘Ashe’ Campos (Spring 2017) Rae BarrettDani DanielsAubrie Warner, and Jay Echols (Summer 2017)  Peyton HartwigMalena Salinas, and Rachel Oyetubo (Fall 2017) Rya Emerick and Tessa Marron (Spring 2018)

Flats (Color Separations)

Comic flatters rarely get any attention in this business. We call that a travesty of justice! Flats or Color Separations are the result of taking a line drawing and separating all the areas of color prior to adding all the tone (shadows & highlights) and special effects. It’s long, tedious work, but it’s a necessary step, and it makes coloring the page much faster and easier. All colorists use them; few give them any credit. Our Flatsmen are the reason we have the time to make our color look like it does. We can’t thank them enough for their time and effort.

The Uniques (in order of  overall number of  pages flatted): Sasha, Ron Kieser, Joel Bartlett, Aimee Collier, Jason Stratton, John Wilson, Alyssa Phillips, Krista Schuhman, Will Jones, Cassandra Reyhani, M. Jessica Hunsberger, Marshall Day, Timothy James Hadley, Billy Miller, Danielle Prieto, John C. L. Jansen, L.A., Mark Matoc, Will Jones, Gerry Dale, Michael Toolan, Frank Rapoza, Johnny Bourlett, Damian Davis, Christa Carpenter, Jared Brokaw, Ken Gordon, Kyle Schetzel, Kenny Keen, Aziz Balamani, Aeris Valeria, Jade McGilvray, Jarrah James, Tyler Kryzanowski, and Sebastian Sandberg

Rainbow in the Dark (in order of  overall number of  pages flatted): Travis Perkins, Sasha, Jason Winter, Jared Brokaw, Andrew Varcho, Will Jones, Kyle Schetzel, Ron Keiser, Krista Schuhman, Jeremy C. Cooper, Arto Heino, Aziz Balamani, Tyler Kryzanowski, Jade McGilvray, and Chris Peuler

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics(in order of  overall number of  illustrations flatted): Travis Perkins, Jason Winter, Jared Brokaw, Sasha, Kyle Schetzel, and Andrew Varcho.